Novigo ChatBots: Reinvent your business through human-like conversations with customers

Our AI-powered ChatBots automate your Supply Chain business processes to increase user productivity by delivering a delightful customer experience. They complement human-agents, enabling 24/7 automated customer support, and allow organizations to handle multiple users at once.

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Key Features

  • Multi-language Support adapting to your complex business needs
  • Easy-to use, simple user experience
  • Seamlessly scalable across multiple platforms
  • Integration with SAP and non-SAP solutions

What is SAP Conversational AI?

SAP Conversational Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can emulate human-like conversations to deliver excellent customer experience. SAP CAI easily integrates with most websites and SAP / non-SAP applications to automate processes to increase productivity and enhance the end-user experience.

ChatBots built using SAP CAI use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze text input and provide a swift response to numerous queries. It is a comprehensive suite of tools for a train – build – connect – monitor – and enable a direct develop and deploy approach.

Novigo ChatBots

At Novigo, we’ve built easy-to-deploy ChatBots that can be installed for all business users to easily interact with SAP applications. Our ChatBots are closely integrated with multiple third-party applications and are deployed on SAP Cloud Platform Portal as well as SAP S/4 HANA on-premise systems. 

ChatBot for SAP Cloud Platform Portal

This ChatBot can help Shippers, Carriers, Logistics Service Providers, and Customers experience seamless information flow in daily operational activities within a fraction of seconds. Smart integration with third-party applications like Microsoft Teams, Google Maps, Slack, JIRA, etc. enables the support and collaboration required with internal systems.

Since the Fiori Launchpad is the focal point of accessing business information, we decided to integrate the ChatBot using SAP CAI with the Fiori Launchpad built on SAP Cloud Platform’s Portal service. The integration enhances the portal user-experience for external users. With NLP technology, the ChatBot understands different user input styles and supports any level of user diversity.

Chatbot on Portal

ChatBot for On-Premise Systems

Enable your S/4 HANA on-premise users to perform daily tasks and activities more efficiently with this ChatBot assisting every business process. When coupled with the SAP Transportation Management solution, it facilitates faster decision making through holistic reporting of transportation activities, executes transactional activities, tracks shipment execution, and much more.

For a given Transportation Management scenario, ChatBot simplifies the complexity of operating enterprise applications for transactional activities or extract insights on key metrics for critical decision making. You can effectively manage the steep learning curve for your users, and reduce training costs for upskilling, and reduce turnaround time of requests thanks to its live 24/7 availability.

Daily operational activities like assigning carriers to shipments, addressing customer service requests for order statuses, or maintaining a checklist of tasks to streamline daily activities can be managed easily by leveraging our SAP Conversational AI ChatBot.

Chatbot On S/4 HANA 1809

ChatBots that Empower Your Business

Fortify your business with the power of the ‘human-touch’ in conversations through intelligent technologies.