Why Join Novigo?

The Novigo Way

At Novigo, we work with leading international brands on their SAP-centric supply chain transformation initiatives, empowering them to deliver enhanced value to customers and grow their businesses multifold. This is possible only because we have a great team of talent that values digital transformation in the supply chain and is passionate about being a part of a global change. Novigo means Innovation in Esperanto, and we call ourselves Novigans as we are committed to innovation and excellence. At Novigo, we all live the OneNovigo Spirit, which makes our work, culture, and lives more purposeful, rewarding, and successful.

What is OneNovigo?

At Novigo we work together across continents, time zones and cultures to deliver best-in-class Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions for global businesses. OneNovigo means teamwork and engagement for project success as well as in-house Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that propels each Novigan to excel in their work and in their teams. Novigans thrive in a culture that promotes collaboration, ingenuity and diversity.

Every Novigan can be who they want to be – with the collaboration of team members every step of the way!

What does OneNovigo mean to us?

OneNovigo Values

Who is a Novigan?

Who is a Novigan?

Diversity & Inclusion at Novigo

Being a truly global organization with a team spread across the globe in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia we have our team of Novigans working from different locations towards a common goal. This makes diversity and inclusivity integral to the Novigan DNA. We are proud to say that our Novigo EMEA office has attained almost 50/50 men to women ratio at the workplace thus making us a progressively inclusive and diverse company. We aim to achieve similar gender parity across all our workspaces. Here's a snippet of what it's like to work with Novigo:

Meet some Novigans

SAP SCM Sr. Consultant, Germany

Reine Dongmo

SAP SCM Consultant, USA

Michael Olaniran

Sr SAP SCM/TM Consultant

Jessica Santos

SAP SCM TM Consultant, USA

Tracy Guo

Principal Consultant, Australia

Elkin Rodriguez

SAP SCM TM Consultant, India

Ephideimaya Pariat

Hiring Success

Novigo gives equal opportunities to everyone to hone their skills and learn new things as their career progresses. Novigo Academy is our dedicated endeavor to help Novigans realize their professional dreams through guided upskilling programs. Here's a glimpse of a few of the many significant work anniversaries we celebrated recently. 

Delivery Director, India

Manjunath Shastry

Operations Manager & HR Business Partner, Spain

Mairi Anderson

Consulting Manager, Spain

Fidel Rodriguez