Industry: LSP - Railway

Future Planning, Immediate Benefits

Canadian Pacific is a transcontinental railway that operates in Canada and the United States, directly linking eight major ports, including Vancouver and Montreal. It provides its North American customers with access to key markets in every corner of the globe, and is growing to offer a suite of freight transportation services, logistics solutions, and supply chain expertise.

Challenges & Solutions

Understanding their legacy system was not scalable, we worked together to find the supply chain solution that would enable their logistics services division to manage the order to execution, expedite the time to react on issues, and improve visibility of the overall execution so they could better serve their customers.

By providing proof-of-concepts for various scenarios and training the in-house team, we were able to set them up for supply chain success and take on the tasks at hand:

  • Order Management: forwarding orders, freight order
  • Load optimization: FTL, LTL, Multi-stop, Multi-pickup
  • Manual and automatic planning
  • Carrier selection and tendering process
  • Freight settlement process
  • Traceability of orders
  • Calculate accessorial charges based on real order execution
Key Benefits
  • Realized major savings through improved billing process
  • Increased revenue by standardizing the calculation and billing of accessorial charges
  • Efficiently managed forwarding orders and customer service
  • Implemented scalable platform for future functional extensions