What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology/protocol that enables a decentralized, secure, direct, digital transfer of information. Blockchain will form the backbone of a new generation of supply chains. The technology is ready today. Those who start now will be able to gain a competitive advantage while others get left behind!

Getting Started With Blockchain for Supply Chain

Blockchain as a platform has huge potential in the supply chain across various industries. It offers a solution to the growing challenge of how to manage increasingly integrated supply chain networks when transparency, reliability, speed and responsiveness are crucial. 

Key Benefits


We help you to start off your Blockchain journey by providing guidance and skills through Blockchain Value Discovery Workshops.

Novigo as a competence leader for supply chain execution consulting has a deep knowledge of transportation processes. Combined with our Blockchain expertise we support the identification and conceptualization of use cases for Blockchain in supply chain. 

We offer discovery workshops to understand what Blockchain means for your enterprise, identify and evaluate individual business cases and discuss with you the possibilities of how to implement them into your organization. We are certainly there to challenge you on your use cases to prepare a solid business case to get it approved with your management.

Our experts run workshops leveraging innovative methods and tools such as design thinking & value proposition canvas to organize information in a simple way and directly target your most important pains and gains.

Raise your organizational awareness

we assist you to understand the potential use of Blockchain within your organization.

Discover Use Cases

we jointly review key supply chain challenges you face and identify opportunities that would bring the highest added value

Blockchain Applicability

we evaluate whether Blockchain is the right technology and which type of Blockchain solution suits your current business model and technical framework

Proof of Value

we identify the business value, estimate risks and calculate ROI