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The Suez Canal Blockage garnered enough eyeballs in the past few weeks, and supply chains became the trending topic across all platforms. The huge Ever Given container ship may have been removed from the Suez Canal, but its impact is being felt across global supply chains.

As carriers had to choose between wait & watch or reroute their shipments, a lot was lost in terms of money, time, and information. Supply chains are like the arteries that feed the heart of the industry. The blockage presented itself as a disaster, especially with the pandemic’s aftereffects and an already constrained ocean freight landscape.

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Having visibility across your supply chain can help ensure transparency and agility when unexpected disruptions occur and are integral to build a robust Supply Chain Risk Management System to handle such contingencies.

How did global companies react to this crisis? What was the impact on their strategies, and how did the CXO’s respond to the scenario? What were the effects on the customers and their cargo?

Join us as we try to decode the present ocean visibility landscape and how such an unprecedented event can be better managed with the power of data in conversation with SAP and p44.

Key Points to be Discussed

  • The impact of the Suez Canal incident on global trade, freight delays, customers, and downstream supply chain partners
  • The need for supply chain visibility and the power of data to aid decision making during a disruption
  • How supply chain visibility can help mitigate risks and build a robust risk management system for your business.
  • Intelligence Insights and how SAP LBN and SAP GTT can help gain more visibility


  • Introduce speakers
  • Impact of the Suez Canal blockage on global trade, freight delays, port congestion, etc
  • Supply chain disruption and its impacts
  • How data has the power to develop robust risk management mechanisms and better manage supply chain disruption if leveraged well
  • SAP LBN and GTT- Transport solutions to monitor and better manage your end-to-end logistics

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