Novigo and ClearMetal partner to provide enhanced shipment visibility for resilient supply chains

Novigo partnered with ClearMetal

San Mateo, CA, Novigo, a competence leader for supply chain execution consulting services enabling businesses worldwide to uncover benefits of the SAP Digital Supply Chain Platform, announced its partnership with ClearMetal, a leader in the Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX), enabling supply chain organizations to optimize logistics and provide accurate shipment information. The collaboration between the two organizations will help Novigo enhance customer’s end-to-end solutions in tracking ocean shipments and related transportation processes.

ClearMetal has recently joined the SAP Logistics Business Network as an SAP partner for international shipment visibility data. ClearMetal’s unmatched global ocean visibility data provides accurate and real-time shipment status and ETAs for customers. The usage of machine learning to cross-reference inputs further enhances the supply chain data fidelity, thereby providing crucial business intelligence.

As global leaders of SAP Digital Supply Chain implementations (SAP TM, EM, LBN, EWM & GTT), Novigo works with leading large and mid-sized companies on their SAP-centric Supply Chain Transformation initiatives to deliver new value to their customers and maximize their supply chain resilience. Customers engage Novigo's consulting services for their balanced blend of industry-leading competence, passion for driving value, deep focus, international delivery capability, hands-on methodology, and innovative thought leadership.

Joerg Rohde, CEO, Novigo, in his statement, mentioned, "We are thrilled to be partnering with ClearMetal, the leader in ocean freight tracking. Using ClearMetal's cutting-edge platform will enable customers to access accurate, real-time, and reliable shipment data. Novigo's association with ClearMetal will help us deliver unmatched comprehensive ocean freight tracking and related transportation solutions to our clients. At a time when supply chain resilience is of utmost importance to businesses, having precise shipment visibility data in real-time helps future-proof enterprises by reducing their Supply Chain Risk."

In his statement, Chris Mazza, SVP Customer Experience & BD, mentioned, "ClearMetal is very excited to enter into a formal partnership agreement with Novigo. We believe the combination of ClearMetal's best in class data for international ocean freight and Novigo's leadership in SAP digital supply chain implementations will deliver value to customers."

Novigo is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to its customers to ensure supply chain agility and better preparedness for the future. Novigo's focus remains on identifying new ways of running smarter supply chains by uncovering the potential in business process improvement, enabled by SAP Digital SCM Technology, and delivered by empowered and enabled people.

About ClearMetal, Inc

ClearMetal is the market leader in international freight visibility. Supply chain organizations can optimize logistics and provide their customers with easy access to trusted, live information about their shipments, and a customer experience that is a differentiator and revenue accelerant. The ClearMetal 'Continuous Delivery Experience’ (CDX) Platform uses proprietary machine learning to break free from static-visibility paradigms and turn supply chains from a cost center to a competitive advantage. ClearMetal was founded by top software engineers, data scientists, and operations researchers from Stanford University, Google, and Silicon Valley and is funded by Eclipse Ventures, Prelude Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, NEA, SAP.io, Prologis Ventures, PSA Unboxed, DCLI, and the founders of GT Nexus, Navis, and Uber Freight. ClearMetal is based in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit the ClearMetal website.

About Novigo

Novigo is a global competence leader for supply chain execution consulting services that enable clients worldwide to uncover benefits of SAP's state of the art Digital Supply Chain Platform. As global leaders of SAP Digital Supply Chain implementations (SAP TM, EM, LBN, EWM & GTT) through their regional subsidiaries in North America, EMEA, Asia, and Australia, Novigo has delivered the most SAP Supply Chain Execution / TM Implementation Projects among all SAP Service Partners. Our value-driven approach towards Digital Transformation Services and our track record of 100% successful project delivery make Novigo the desirable partner of choice. For more information, please visit our website.