SAP Information Day Warehouse and Transport Management | November 9th 2021

SAP-Infotag Lager- und TransportmanagementOnline Event

Global supply chains are increasingly emphasizing on the need for agility and resilience in logistics solutions. Under the current circumstances of highly dynamic developments across global supply chains, cloud technologies, business networks and sustainability solutions are of utmost importance to bring about true digital transformation. In this pursuit to build digitized, agile and sustainable processes across the entire product lifecycle and delivery cycle innovative supply chain solutions are necessary.

We are proud to partner with SAP for the SAP Warehouse and Transport Management, an online event on November 9th, 2021. Join us at the event to explore a world of opportunities that can unlock immense value for your business. Find out

  • How you can get started with your transformation to SAP S / 4HANA with the SAP “Logistics First” concept,
  • Which automation options are offered to you by Industry 4.0 in production logistics, and
  • How you can benefit from cloud operating models.

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Also, gain valuable insight from SAP’s projects of large and medium-sized customers. Witness exciting application and project experiences of our customers in the online sessions based on warehouse management and transport management. From 12:00 – 12:30 pm witness our customer Girteka Logistics’ digital transformation journey.

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