Analytics @ Novigo

We are the team that provides you with real time, accurate and actionable information required for high level decision making.

In day to day business certain key questions has to be answered accurately to improve profit margins and smooth execution of business e.g.

  • Does my company use cheaper modes of transport for long distance?
  • Which of my carriers are best performers in terms of on time goods delivery?

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Key Benefits

  • Analytics is key to decision making ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’.
  • Automatic Insights with machine learning technology which helps identifying key business driver so you can take action.
  • Single place of truth, analytics hub consolidated all your analytics content no matter where it resides.
  • Real time collaboration with data insights using SAP Digital Boardroom

How do we do it?

First step in any decision making is to understand where we are right now, so that we can determine what to achieve and then define our steps to achieve the goal by performing gap analysis and setting up benchmark.

Next we need to consolidate all our data from different systems and put it together to improve data quality and then perform detailed analytics on it. Finally after analytics baseline is setup we will use all the new tools and technology to build future roadmap.

At Novigo we will help your organization to turn that data into knowledge which will help to identify process efficiency and improve decision making across supply chain.

We support both analytical as well as operational reporting needs of organization with help of various tools,

We will also help you in building future roadmap of analytics with introduction of advanced features such as interactive collaboration using digital boardroom, consolidate all your analytics at one place using Analytics Hub, predictive analytics to help with more précised future decision making, What-if analysis to compare all favorable scenarios.

Below are sample stories we built using SAP Analytics Cloud.

Analyze Planned vs Actual Freight cost of transportation and find out contributors to actual freight cost. Compare freight cost expenses of various customer locations with respect to carriers, do Quarter on Quarter cost comparison by product and much more.


Measuring Carrier Performance based on On-Time delivery is very popular in supply chain management. Know overall On Time delivery for various carrier (Top 5, Bottom 5), by locations, by consignee etc. Perform delay analysis to know various root causes of late delivery.


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