What is Novigo Tendering Award App?

Novigo Tendering Award App is a SAP TM solution for awarding the tender to the best carrier, based on evaluation of the responses.

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Key Features

  • Manually award the tender via FIORI based mobile app developed in SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
  • Scenarios: Domestic & International
  • Direction: Outbound & Inbound
  • Mode: Rail, Road, Air & Ocean
  • System compatibility: SAP TM 9.X, SAP LBN, SAP S/4 HANA (on-premise)

During spot bid (broadcast) sometimes the decision to award the tender cannot be always based on business rules. Many factors can influence the tender award process which may be difficult to define in advance. For example:

Customer priority
Current market situation of transportation

Inventory situation at the plant

Weather situations

Other factors

Much of this information may not be available to the transportation planners. So transportation managers may have to award the tender manually as they make decisions. This is over and above the evaluation of all received tenders in TM. However, transportation managers may not be in front of the system all the time. They can be either in meetings with carriers, other business leads, etc.

Novigo Tendering Award App for Transportation Managers bring the relevant SAP TM evaluated quotes in mobile app.

Data and information required to award a tender will be accessible to the managers

Awarding a tender in the app will update the TM system and the carrier will be assigned to the Freight Order

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