Read about the European Freight & Logistics Leaders Forum | November 14/15 | Naples, Italy

November 14. /15. the European Freight & Logistics Leaders Forum (F&L) held their conference in Naples, Italy. Our Vice President, Thorsten Schmidt, was invited by the F&L to participate in the panel discussion about “Next Generation Leaders’” in the logistics industry. The three questions discussed are:

  1. What will be the key assets required for future supply chain winners?

  2. How important will technology developments be to ensure success and sustainability in your supply chain?

  3. How does management encourage the mindset and invest in tools to ensure their business successfully navigate the fast-changing world of international trade?

The two days was full of great presentations, panel discussions and conversation with many company leaders from various companies across the supply chain. Key take away common across industry sectors are:

  • Supply Chains remain complex specifically with its geographical and political challenges

  • Industry leaders seeing the great potential of breaking silos and connect to supply chain platforms in the market. The challenge will remain if a standard should be established or the market should regulate itself by companies and their definition of shareable data and information

  • In the industry there is a common understanding that processes and way of working should be questioned to simplify collaboration across different partners, customers and authorities

  • Autonyms Driving, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics are no longer buzz words or hypes, it becomes, and more reality and supply chain leaders needs to start thinking three to five years ahead how to use this technology

There is a lot fruit for thoughts and strategy meetings to align companies for the future challenges but also big opportunities. This was a common understanding that the future brings a lot of opportunities and chances to improve to work more collaboratively and efficient across Supply Chains. Companies needs to understand the potential and trust their partners to make this idea reality.

Thanks a lot for the invite Audrey Macnab, John Riley and Philip Evans for the great two days and the opportunity to join such a great group of supply chain leaders.