The New SAP Environment

Take on the Intelligence Era

Novigo is a global leader for supply chain execution consulting services that enable clients worldwide to uncover the benefits of SAP's state-of-the-art Digital Supply Chain Platform. As global leaders of SAP Digital Supply Chain implementations (SAP TM, EM, LBN, EWM & GTT) through their regional subsidiaries in North America, EMEA, Asia, and Australia, Novigo has delivered the most SAP Supply Chain Execution / TM Implementation Projects among all SAP Service Partners. Our value-driven approach towards Digital Transformation Services and our track record of 100% successful project delivery make Novigo the DSC partner of choice.

Innovation and improvement are continuous. Taking advantage of what’s new is vital to your success, now and in the future. With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA and the transition to the digital core, businesses small and large are having to leave antiquated enterprise platforms, unearthing new challenges and unprecedented opportunities. It’s a new era - the Intelligence Era. We want to partner with you, to get the most of your transition to the digital core - uncovering new business models and revenue streams, elevating visibility and communication, and empowering employees through process automation.

Make More from Your Core Competencies

The digital core can provide your enterprise with the flexibility and insight to rapidly respond to change, identify and pivot toward the best outcomes, and direct your resources where they’ll have the greatest impact. Using today’s innovation, you can do more with your core business competencies and prepare for a brighter future.

Enhancing Visibility for Dynamic Opportunity

With SAP S/4HANA, you access increased enterprise and ecosystem visibility, helping you eliminate data silos and automate data wrangling and integration. So your business can proactively anticipate and respond to coming needs and provide employees with better information and customers with greater service.

Streamlining Processes & Empowering Employees

Setting your platform up to increase process automation frees up your employee's time and lessens the mental energy they expend, enabling them to take on more meaningful projects and identify unseen areas of opportunity.

Unleash the Full Power of SAP S/4HANA

  • Discover greater business potential
  • Elevate visibility and communication
  • Empower your employees

Unlock your potential with a proven partner by your side.